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Digital Nomad & Traveler by heart

I am a digital nomad by heart and live and work from anywhere around the globe. What excites me most about this lifestyle? To feel pure freedom and create the future of work while bringing value to others.

Together with Marcus I founded the DNX Movement. We connect and support Digital Nomads worldwide through our DNX - Digital Nomad Conference and DNX GLOBAL - Digital Nomad Conference as well as our DNX Coworking and Coliving CAMPS.

With Travelicia, I run one of the biggest websites for backpacker, globetrotter, & digital nomads in Germany with 100,000 + readers. I have traveled to so many countries on our beautiful planet, but if I had to choose one it would be Brazil. You can read more about how I became a nomad here.

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About Me


I am Felicia

In Latin the meaning of my name is Happy. Lucky. That’s true. I am the element »Air«, which is assigned to the season of summer and the cardinal direction south.

It stands for easiness, width, expansion, communication, freedom, agility flexibility, and community. Hell yes, so true!

Why I  Entrepreneurship

I experienced incredible personal growth simply by becoming an entrepreneur. You learn so much everyday and overcome a lot of challenges and fears. Thanks to the Internet nowadays you can just work from anywhere. And, as an entrepreneur, you have the chance to bring value into the world.

Why I  Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing is freedom – it’s sports and nature combined. How does that sound for you? For me it is the best sport in the world. As soon as I am out on the water with just the sea, the wind, and my kite, I feel deeply happy. Kitesurfing is like meditation, and it frees my mind from work. I also love to do yoga and zumba.

Why I  Vegan

I really love all kinds of animals on our planet. But this is not the only reason why I became vegan. Since I became vegan, my body became lighter and healthier than ever before. I love to cook by myself and to explore new tropical superfoods or smoothies.

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Felicia Hargarten in the media, TV & radio (International)

Felicia Hargarten in the media, TV & radio (German)

  • Fulfillment comes from doing work you love and work you’re good at.

    — Jon Butcher —
  • Financial abundance comes from creating value for others within a financial model that works.

    — Jon Butcher —